If you plan to stay in Morocco longer than the visa-free 90 days, you need to apply for a resident status, in other words, a residence permit in Morocco. The validity of your stay in the country is determined by the card sejour (carte de séjour), an identification document with a certain validity period. In addition to the legality of the stay, it gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all the official benefits of the kingdom. Without a local ID, it is quite difficult to rent an apartment for a long time, it is impossible to open a bank account, connect home Internet or issue an annual mobile phone contract.

Getting a residence permit in Morocco is not so troublesome, but it requires legal grounds and a certain set of documents. Due to the peculiarities of the local mentality, the procedure for registering a residence can take a long time, so it is better to take care of this in advance.

At the first request, the sezhur card is issued for a period of one year, less often for three years — the validity period depends on the specific police department that issues the documents. When you extend it, you can count on a longer period. Sometimes they give out a residence for as much as 10 years. This is a great success, because every time you roll over, you need to collect a full package of documents, as if from a blank sheet. Plus, you will need additional information about the absence of incidents with the local law.

The basis for obtaining the status of a resident may be a work contract, study at a local university or marital status. In the first two cases, organizations interested in your legalization take some of the worries on themselves, but the necessary documents will have to be collected on their own. When carrying out business activities or buying real estate to obtain a residence permit, you should thoroughly consult with good lawyers.

A residence permit is issued in the department for foreigners of the police department of the locality in which you plan to live. When submitting an application, the following documents are required::

— A legalized copy of the passport, including a sheet with a stamp of arrival in Morocco. This is done in the bureau of legalization-the passport is scanned, the royal stamps are pasted on the copy. It costs a penny, but you need to take into account the queue and the opening hours of the institution. As a rule, they work until noon and not every day. The schedule of the nearest office is better to remember, because in Morocco all documents are subject to mandatory legalization.

— Eight photos. They will have to be made in a Moroccan photo studio, because the style of the photo is somewhat different from the usual norms of composition. The portraits here are very large, the face occupies almost the entire area of the frame.

— Certificate of no criminal record at home, translated into French or Arabic. Most often, this item causes difficulties, because rarely anyone is puzzled by this in advance. In addition, the document has a short shelf life. However, if you are already in Morocco, you can order a certificate at Consular Section The Embassy of the Russian Federation or the official representative office of your country. The document will be ready in three or four weeks. Already with a translation into the desired language.

— In some cases, a copy and translation of the birth certificate is required. They are also certified by the legalization bureau. You can also translate any official documents from certified translators .The cost is about 300 dirhams per sheet.

— Those who receive a residence permit for marital status must provide a marriage certificate (also translated and legalized) or another document of kinship, depending on the situation.

— Work contract or certificate from the place of study-for employees and students. Students will be required to provide a receipt for tuition for a semester or a year.

— Medical certificate from a local doctor. The examination can be carried out in any medical institution.

— A rental contract with a payment receipt for the last month. If the contract is made in a different name, you will have to explain the degree of kinship/relationship with the responsible tenant. For property owners — the relevant documents.

— Completed forms that you will be given by the police. The application form and application will have to be written in French. In principle, with the help of Google translate, you can cope.

The cost of a year of official stay in Morocco is 1000 dirhams. The required amount will need to be paid when the package of documents is accepted.

The set of documents required to start the procedure directly depends on the severity of the receiving officer, so the list can be adjusted. For example, in the case of obtaining a residence permit for family status, you may require a legalized paper where you swear not to engage in any business activity on the territory of Morocco. However, another officer may forget about this document and demand some other one. The design rules change from time to time, but mostly for small things.

After all the documents are collected and accepted, the officer will issue an unsightly certificate, which will be your main document until you receive a green plastic card. On the territory of Morocco, the paper acts as a normal document, but if you need to go abroad, there may be problems. European border guards do not perceive this Filkin’s letter as something serious. Therefore, it is better not to risk waiting for the carte de séjour.